Where's My Dog?

Fidget Spinning Power

New Match 2 Game Play

From classic Match 2 or Connect 2 game, we developed a new inspiring game play: players and their pets together explore the city by completing missions. Matching game now is not boring with many challenges, in which choosing to connect Fidget Spinner power in order to complete your mission is the most challenging.

Dog Pack

Collect more dogs to grow your pack

You will have many amazing dog breeds, that we made with lovely animations and distinct personality. How amazing that you can choose them as your pets accompanying you in your challenging journey. However, those cute animals sometime become annoying as they may cover vantage points in your game board or sometime disappear that you might shout out “Where’s my dog”, just like the game title (WIMD). Don’t worry, we have a special button so you can call them to return back to you.

New Matching Rule: Fidget Spinning Power

Clearing game board is now very creative with new rules utilizing fidget spinning power:

  • SnackTime Matching Donut Spinners to smash out food items. This not only renews the game board for you accomplishing your mission, but also your dog will be very exciting to enjoy yummy food.
  • PlayTime Matching Balloon Spinners to attract all the dog items out from your game board. Pay attention to how SnackTime and PlayTime appear in order to complete your mission perfectly with 3-stars.
Fidget Spinning Power

Challenging game mode: Crazy Game

New challenging game mode: Crazy Game mission with Bubble Troubles. Those troublesome bubbles bubbling and blasting continuously may drive you nut. Watch out the time bar, it will be passing out quickly. Keep calm but be as quick as possible to finish your mission as you will need to pass it to continue your adventure.

Crazy Game

Fun with your friends

We are connecting players via social networks. By logging in with Facebook or Twitter, you can save and synchronize your progress across multiple devices. You can also add other players as friends to play and share their ranking or helping each others by exchanging their Power Items.

Fun with Friends

Multitouch Support

Multi-touch Support

WIMD is designed to play with multi-touch that makes easier to play on smartphone. It’s more amazing when playing in tablet that you and your friends can play together. We are focusing on the joyfulness of game graphic and sound effects. Eventually, we are continuing update with new features.

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